Bloody Beetroots - Nothing But Love ft. Jay Buchanan
Music Video

Label - Last Gang Records

MGMT - Favor The Artist
Video Comissioner - Rick Canny
Production Company -  Stories We Can Tell
Director - Mason Thorne
Producer - Max Butler, Anna Riggins
Cinematographer - Jordan Holtane
Gaffer - Nick Shamblot
Editor - Benton Africano
Colorist - Matt Osbourne
VFX Artist - Filippo Bano
Flame Artist - Jim Gomez


The Nothing But Love music video was a turning point for The Bloody Beetroots brand. They wanted something more cinematic and moody than their other videos. The track is a collaboration with Rival Sons frontman, Jay Buchanan, and expresses a longing for love and the heartbreak of finding out it was never there. We wanted to make Jay’s hunt for an answer visual in a striking way and play out the emotions subtly, never falling into melodrama — letting the song carry the tone.

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