Koda - White Dove
Music Video

Label - Halfway House
MGMT - One of One
Video Comissioner - Daniel Witcoff
Production Company - Anyhow
Talent - Monica Bahr
Director - Mason Thorne
Cinematographer - Allison Anderson
Gaffer - Jordan Holtane
Makeup Artist - Kristin Andersson
Editor - Benton Africano
Colorist - Aubrey Woodiwiss


Koda’s White Dove music video was tasked with exploring a complexity of an inescapable toxic relationship. After a few conversations with Koda, the raw, stare-you-in-the-face honesty of Vito Acconci’s performance work kept coming to mind, at least his performative explorations of the darker elements of love. In collaborating, we wanted to fuse that textural performance work with something more dream-like and ethereal. We found our setting in Morro Bay, California. The sunrise over the dunes there had the openness and built-in sense of release that we were looking for — the way Koda found respite through music and ultimately the strength to walk away.

︎︎︎ Featured on Clash UK