Stephen - Delilah
Music Video

Label - Monstercat

MGMT - Heroic Music Group
Video Commissioner - Sheila DeMoura
Production Campany - Anyhow
Director - Mason Thorne
Poducer -Elizabeth Litvitskiy
Cinematographer -  Jordan Holtane
Editor - Benton Africano
VFX Artist - Matthew Stevens
Colorist - Asa Fox
Set Photographer - Rob May


Stephen’s body is broken apart, abstracted, divided from itself, beaten and made beautiful. It stares into the mirror and studies each feature. It is both feminine and masculine. It is both captive and totally free. He is as increasingly unsure as he is driven, traveling deeper into the darkness. There is anger and violence, but also moments of gentle, nurturing curiosity.

︎︎︎ Featured on The Nocturnal Times