The Organs of Speech
Short Film

Cast - Chris Froseth & John Robinson
Writer & Director - Mason Thorne
Production Company - Anyhow
Producer - Harrison Rothman
Co-Producers - PJ Fishwick & Laurie Adrianopoli
Cinematographer - Jordan Holtane
Camera Operator -  Nathan Salter
Gaffer -  Taylor Frontier
Location Sound Recordist - Ian Wellman
Makeup Artists - Kristin Andersson & Celisa Martinez
Production Designer - Amanda Brinton
Editor - Benton Africano
Sound Designer - Ryan Staples
Music Composition - Christian Dageforde
Colorist - Luke Morrison
Title Design - Dan Zabinski


An examination of various hierarchies, Mason Thorne's "The Organs of Speech" plays with the first-person narrative by trading places between Abe, recently discharged from rehab, and Isaac, his estranged son. Questions of loyalty, trust, and honesty plague their efforts at reconnection. The tension reaches a tipping point as Isaac reveals to his father the very thing he was running away from: the voices. The result is an experiential trip--a tug of war--between father & son, junkie & family member, cameraman & subject.

"Very distinct and intriguing style and voice.“

Dances With Films Film Festival LA

“The tension in not knowing who's on the other side of Abe's efforts at reconnection explodes in violence, both
physical & emotional.”

Evan Louison - Filmmaker Magazine