Abe steps back out into the real world after another semi-successful trip to rehab. A car pulls up and someone waves him in… It’s his son. Thirteen years... he’s an adult now. Abe’s heart races. Luckily he has his video camera with him, a convenient little wall he’s built between him and the world around him. He gets in the car. Everything seems to be okay. Something is underneath his son’s tone. He knows something. He knows about the voices.

"Very distinct and intriguing style and voice.“

- Dances With Films Film Festival LA

“The tension in not knowing who's on the other side of Abe's efforts at reconnection explodes in violence, both physical & emotional.

- Evan Louison (Filmmaker Magazine)


Executive Producer - Harrison Rothman

- Producer -
PJ Fishwick
Benton Africano

Starring - John Robinson & Chris Froseth

Director - Mason Thorne

Cinematographer - Jordan Holtane

Cam Op - Nate Salter

1st AC - Ari Marin

Gaffer - Taylor Frontier

Production Design - Amanda Brinton
Makeup - Kristin Andersson

Casting - Shirley Hamilton Talent

Casting Director - KaCee Hudson

Post Producer - Laurie Adrianopoli

Editor - Benton Africano

Sound Designer - Ryan Staples

Composer - Christiaan Dageforde

Colorist - Luke Morrison

Special Thanks - The Mill Chicago - Whitehouse Post